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Our main products include: Pin Header, Female Header, Round Pin/Female header, IC Socket, Box header, Ejector Header, IDC Socket, DIP Plug, Micro Match, PLCC, Board-to-Board connector, Terminal blocks, DIN41612, Flat cable, FFC cable, Wire Harness, etc.; over 60,000 product sizes. More than 60,000 product sizes available. Products are widely used in industrial and power control, 5G communication, security, LED optoelectronics, LCD, inverter, industrial automation, servo control, PLC, etc. Industrial automation, servo control, PLC, industrial internet, medical instruments, automotive electronics, computer motherboards medical instruments, automotive electronics, computer motherboards, printers, electronic toys, various consumer electronics, electrical appliances and more than 20 other fields.

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High-quality connectors

Leading technology, solid materials, long service life, stable perform....

lower the cost

Collecting production to reduce production costs, large-scale mass ...

Fast delivery

Delivery time commitment, online product selection...

Quality service

One-stop production, complete categories, special supply...

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High-quality materials

We use high-quality copper, fire-resistant and high-temperature plastics, and we have our own electroplating factory.

Exquisite craftsmanship

We have the most advanced imported equipment, separate operations of different processes to reduce cross-effects.

Strict testing

We have our own UL certification laboratory, 50+ kinds of precision testing instruments, and regular calibration every year.